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Wind Powered Data Center

A Texas-based company called Baryonyx will soon create a wind-powered data center. They were awarded three energy leases for a total of 46,000 acres. It seems many companies are more willing to consider renewable energy sources and green technology as it becomes more practical and affordable. Those who have struggled to convince them of that should rejoice at this news.

Although Baryonyx will primarily rely on wind energy, they also intend to use hydrogen fuel cells and solar power whenever wind energy is low or unavailable. The data center will be 28,000 square feet and will be powered by 100 wind turbines, which will generate 3.3 megawats of power to power their servers. Part of their lease money will go to help support Texas schools, an added bonus for Texas residents.

“With these leases, we’re turning green power into green cash for the state’s Permanent School Fund,” said Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. “It’s not just sustainable energy to power our businesses, it’s sustainable funding for public education.”

Baryonyx’ management team features energy industry veterans, most of whom hail from the UK.

Source: Data Center Knowledge
Photo: Flickr

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