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Heineken seeks to get hands on Heineken.tel

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Beer giant Heineken apparently missed out on the .tel sunrise period, and now wants to get its hands on Heineken.tel. The only problem is, someone else has already registered it. Now the brewer has filed a WIPO complaint to take the name from its owner.

Normally these sorts of issues are open-and-shut cases. Heineken is a registered trademark, and most people who register trademarked domains do so for profit, either to sell or the name or create a site of their own based off the brand. This case will be a bit different, however, because .tel domains don’t have websites. The name is only meant to be used as a place holder of sorts of contact information.

The site displays a short message in Spanish. Translated into English, it reads:

The love for beer will unite us. Soon we will have a forum to share our experiences with beer.

This the third WIPO dispute so far for the .tel registrar, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Source | Domain News Wire
Photo | Flickr

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