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Data center has £237,220 electric bill

With power becoming more and more expensive, data centers are having problems keeping up with the cost. One data center in Florida recently had to pay a £237,220 ($387,000 USD) power bill for one month of usage after the local utility company increased rates by 26%. To add insult to injury, it required the provider to put down an additional £138,088 ($225,585 USD) deposit for next month’s bill.

The data center was forced to pass the increase in cost on to its customers. Servers take up so much electricity they can sometimes cost more to run over the course of their lives than their initial purchase prices. The servers in the Florida data center, for instance, suck nearly 1 million watts of juice per second- the same amount of power as 1200 coffee makers running continuously.

In an effort to curb electricity expenses, companies are increasingly turning to greener forms of energy and looking for ways to cut down on power consumption. Perhaps the most famous are Yahoo and Google. It is also why companies spend so much time planning the location of a new data center. They always want to build in places where power is least expensive.

Source | Data Center Knowledge

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