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Yahoo fails to acquire domain for latest product

Yahoo recently launched a new service called Search Pad, a free tool designed for researchers that lets you track and organize sites found on Yahoo Search. In a blunder similar to when Pizza Hut launched a new brand and failed to acquire the relevant domains, Yahoo launched its new product without buying searchpad.com.

The name has been active since 1997 and is registered to Robert Barbour of Ashburn, Virginia. It is currently parked, but Barbour is accepting offers from interested parties. So far seven offers have been made.

When Pizza Hut made the same mistake, I had a bit of sympathy because the company is in the food business, an industry not known for being very web-savvy. The Internet is Yahoo’s business, however. It should know the web better than anyone else.

One might argue that maybe Yahoo is starting to realize that domain names are no longer important given the widespread use of search engines, but if that is so, why did it just buy contests.com for £231,870?

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