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Beckstrom caught faking WHOIS data

Beckstrom whois data
You may remember that Rod Beckstrom is the leading candidate for ICANN’s soon-to-be-vacant CEO position. While he may honestly desire the job, his conduct concerning his own domain name hasn’t been quite so forthcoming.

Blog Domain Name Wire reports about a commenter who looked up Beckstrom’s domain, Beckstrom.com, in a WHOIS database.

The administrative contact information is as follows:

Administrative Contact:
Private, Private private@private.com
Private, CA 11111
111 111-1111 fax: (650) 618 0423

I previously reported that Beckstrom has no experience professionally with domains. Now it seems he knows absolutely nothing about them. It is against ICANN policy to falsify contact information and registrants who do so can sometimes lose their names for it.

And besides, privacy protection is available from all major registrars for under £10 per year. Wouldn’t someone who has worked as a CEO before be able to afford it? This guy is either really cheap or a complete idiot. My money is on the latter.

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