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The Database Dilemma

dilemma databaseOne feature some consumers forget to look over before signing up for a hosting package is the number of MySQL databases offered. The most common type of database, MySQL is required to use any of the most popular blogging or CMS platforms.

One clever trick hosts use to keep usage down is limit the number of MySQL databases a customer can use. It’s not uncommon for entry-level hosting plans to have only one or possibly no databases. Because each CMS or blog installation requires a separate database, a limit on MySQL limits the number of sites you can run. Hosts may also achieve the same effect by restricting the number of domain names that can be added to an account.

Before signing up for a hosting package, make sure you have enough databases. Higher-end plans will give you at least 10. Of course, you can always use static HTML instead to get around a MySQL limit, but most hosters these days prefer the ease of use offered by a CMS.

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