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Linux web site tips: File structure

Linux Windows file structure
Many web servers run Linux, and there are numerous benefits to choosing it. If you have made the decision to host your website on a Linux server but are used to working in a Windows environment, there are a few things you should know about Linux file management that differ from Windows.

Linux relies on a forward slash file structure, as opposed to a backward slash structure in Windows. For example, what might be C:\mywebfiles\site\html\index.html on your Windows computer, will translate to /mywebfiles/site/html/index.html on your Linux website. It is important to always remember this when you are transferring files using FTP or SFTP.

Another important point to remember is that Linux file systems are case sensitive. In windows, Myphoto.jpg and myphoto.jpg cannot coexist. One file overwrites the other. In Linux, you can have both in the same directory. For consistency, it is probably better to make sure that all of your files are lowercase. When making directories for your website, case is important. If you make a directory with the name “pictures” but you capitalize the “P”, visitors to your site must type http://www.yoursite.me/Pictures. Typing it lowercase will give them an error. Following these simple tips will make your Linux experience a pleasant one.

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