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Major benefits of cloud hosting

For the past one decade, information technology has made major strides to reach to the level it is today. Cloud hosting is just one-step in cloud computing that has revolutionized data storage and web hosting.  This technology has seen web-hosting move from the traditional host to more efficient virtual hosts. The benefits of cloud hosting are immense and have the potential of propelling your business to the next level.

Unlimited capacity

The virtual world is unlimited and is unencumbered by the drawbacks of hardware such as RAM and hard discs.  When it comes to hosting your site on the cloud, extra space can be expanded on request without major hassles ensuring your site is at optimal at all times.

Reduced risks

One of the major risks associated with hardware and data backups is the threat of loss of data. Most of the companies maintain backups of data in form of external hard disks and flash disks, which are then locked in cabinets. In an ideal world, this is a perfect backup but in reality, these are prone to damages and malfunctions that can lead to data loss. Cloud hosting however eliminates such risks. What happens is that a company outsources data storage to a virtual entity. Web hosting companies store the data remotely and maintain backups of backups that will return you to existence instantly in case of an outage.


One of the major costs involved with IT is personnel. Traditional web hosting calls for technical staffs on site to attend to any disruptions and malfunctions. Maintaining such a staff can be expensive for a small company and this is a cost that is eliminated by cloud computing. Most of the clouds hosting providers’ charges are a function of the amount of power consumption. Although the bandwidth and the resources may be unlimited, clients only pay for what they utilize.


This perhaps is the greatest advantage of cloud hosting. The basics of cloud computing is that your site is being run in a group of clouds and when traffic is heavy more clouds can come to attend to your needs and your customers cannot detect any downtime. A look at the tradition web hosting indicates that it is often characterized by server crashes during intense traffic often leading to customer frustration and potential loss of business. For this kind of hosting however, these concerns are nonexistent. When traffic subsides and your needs stabilize the clouds float away up until such a time when your site is in need of them.

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