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Virtual Servers UK — Quick, Reliable and Just What You Need

The United Kingdom, like everywhere else in the world, has been hard hit by the economic downturn.  Money has become tight and businesses have been turning to new methods to help cut the budget.  One of the biggest pulls on a company budget is the IT department, and one of the best ways that they have found to deflate it is with virtualisation.  Virtual servers UK have been one of the primary ways that they have been able to keep from buying new hardware and getting the most out of their present physical servers.

Choosing the Best Software

 Virtual servers UK are a great way to help keep your systems running strong and secure on a decreased budget, but they also present some problems.  There are several programs out there that you have to choose from to help split your dedicated server into smaller virtual ones.  One of the most popular programs out there is Xen, which runs through your system’s operating system.  It is highly customisable, but can be difficult to work with for beginners.  It works in both Windows and Linux, which is another big advantage.

Virtual servers UK are also often run with KVM software that runs directly within the hardware.  This only works with Linux and does not have the same level of performance as Xen, but it is completely integrated into the system making it easier to manage.  Another popular program for very small businesses is OpenVZ, which does not completely virtualise your system but separates it with containers.  It works similarly to Xen and is much cheaper, but is not as powerful nor does it have the same functionality.




 One complaint that some have had with using virtual servers UK is that it can be difficult to learn how to properly use a new set tools; this can be especially true with more powerful server software like Xen.  To help make the virtualisation process go more smoothly, you might want to go with a virtual servers UK company.  There are several that you can find online that offer very reasonable rates and have good tech support.  Don’t pick the first one you see, but shop around and find one that offers multiple platforms to choose from.

Virtualisation has become a great way to save money while keeping a good balance with work efficiency.  Virtual Servers UK have also helped create quicker backup methods and tighter security.  You just need to be careful about picking the virtualisation software that best matches your company and a host that will give you the support that you need.


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