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Getting the Most out of Your Virtual Servers

The use of virtual servers has practically become mainstream in the past few years, but there are still many businesses that are wary of implementing virtualisation into their business ethic.  This type of server is created when a physical server is virtually split, using a software package, into smaller private virtual servers.  These servers are a great way to save time and money when they are used correctly, but you need to be mindful when using them because while there are plenty of advantages with virtual servers, there are also plenty of pitfalls.

The Disadvantages

 It is always better to get the bad news out of the way first so there are plenty of things you need to watch out for when implementing virtual servers.  If you only have one or two physical servers that you want to split, you need to make sure that those servers are powerful enough to handle the extra load.  By splitting your servers, you are also splitting their resources; if you have programs that do a lot of computing you could slow down the entire network.

If there is a malfunction in your physical server, this becomes magnified in your virtual servers.  While it is possible to work around this by backing up your virtual machines, that involves installing more protection that can cost more money and add more equipment.  The other major gripe that many have with virtual servers is that they involve learning a new set skills and tools to properly utilise all functions that make having virtual server solutions so advantageous.

The Advantages

 Now that that is out of the way, virtual servers can benefit your company in several ways.  If you have several employees, but do not use resource intensive programs then having one or multiple virtual servers is a great way to save money and create a secure working environment.  The obvious benefit is not having to buy any more physical servers, but virtual servers also help in creating centralised data storage and allowing you to share and utilise resources more efficiently.  It can also make backing up data much easier and quicker since your information is all stored in the same place.  And the more efficient your backup is, the less downtime that you will experience.

Virtualisation software is constantly evolving and becoming more user friendly.  Mobility has also become more and more important in the workplace.  If you do decide to update your physical server or buy another as your work force grows, reorganising the virtual servers or moving from one machine to another is as simple as taking the folder and transferring it.

Virtual servers are a great way to make your business run more efficiently, but you have to be careful, organised and now how to balance your virtual and physical machines to get the performance you need.

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