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Managed Servers Vs. In-House

When making the decision between taking on the services of a managed server provider and hosting your own servers privately, most of the key benefits of the former center around security, dependability and ongoing professional support. However, all of the above will over time add up to quite significant cost savings, which can in turn be reinvested in the future growth and success of the business as a whole.


Any leading provider of manage servers will have the time, the capital and indeed the drive to carry out regular full-scale inspections and audits on its provision, to ensure that network security, physical security and that national standards are being met across the board. In addition, these dedicated specialists are also right on the cutting-edge of the industry in terms of software developments and the fight against malware and viruses, which in turn offers data and network protection the likes of which the in-house approach simply cannot rival. Add to the package an extensive and ongoing data backup program and the overall package of security is unrivalled.


Another key benefit of opting for managed servers is that of expert support, as rather than the equipment being tended to in-house by one or two cross-trained staff members, an extensive team of dedicated, fully-certified and hugely experiences individuals is on hand to offer 24/7 monitoring and support. As such, any potential issues can be headed off at the pass, saving the company a small fortune in both staffing costs and potential losses. These support teams are also on hand practically around the clock for advice and consultation on future needs, expansion or modification of current network systems.


Next comes the important matter of reliability, as unless the business is focused primarily or exclusively on its IT and networking systems on a 24/7 basis, it is impossible to ensure their complete and total dependability. Downtime and system slowdowns can be disastrous for any business, while tending to any arising issues can be time-consuming and distracting from more important tasks. Hosted servers on the other hand are the exclusive responsibility of those offering such services, therefore the kind of management that guarantees flawless reliability can be offered as standard.


No business will ever be content to remain in its same size and form forever, therefore in order to cope with growth, expansion and evolution over time, servers must be flexible enough to cope with shifting demand. In-house servers will only ever be able to function to the capacity as which they were purchased, while dedicated managed servers on the other  are literally limitless in terms of growth, expansion and general scalability.

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