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New service detects malware on websites

Malware detection in Safari
Dasient is a new web site service created by former Google employees, Neil Daswani and Shariq Rizvi, and Ameet Randive. The service crawls the web and detects malware, malicious software that is harmful to computers. The software locates the problematic code on the site and then quarantines it, effectively cleaning the site of malware.

Using the Desient technology, web hosting providers will be able to diagnose malware before hey are blacklisted and thereby lose customers. The new company received $2 million in funding from several companies.

It’s “a challenging engineering problem,” says Daswani of performing diagnostics on malware-infected sites and quarantining code without disrupting site use. The Dasient Web Anti-Malware service, which starts from $50 per month, is still in an “alpha” stage in some respects, especially the malware-quarantining capability, Dasient’s co-founders acknowledge. The malware quarantining feature requires a Dasient software module to be installed on a Web server for protection.

Source: Computerworld
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