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Why you should Build your Own Server

There is nothing worse than having an unreliable server, not only can it bring about a lot of stress but it can also cost you valuable clients since your productivity is also not reliable. If you are constantly shifting servers, then maybe it’s time you build your own server.

Before you can go about this, there are certain things you need to put in place so as to have a server that is dependable and useful to your needs.

Consider the following:


Servers are meant to be efficient in data storage. This means that your business continuity is not threatened by loss of data. It should also not duplicate your data as this may be very difficult to sort should you need to recover; de-duplication is therefore a feature that is a must. In order to have a server that serves your storage needs, you need to identify what data is being stored. Will you require to store documents as well as your media collection? How large is the data and do you need internal expansion of hard drives or external expansions?

When building your own home server, you must think about the future expansion possibilities.

Type of Server

After you have analyzed your needs, you need to figure out what kind of server will best suit them. You will have to select a RAM and processor that will accommodate your computing activities and tasks. Below are key points to factor in:

  • Will you need to have add-ins that will enhance the features in the server?
  • Is basic set-up going to be enough to share files and allow you to network or do you need more?
  • What sort of power do you need?

The amount of power that you need will determine the processor and RAM that you acquire for the server. The processors we have nowadays are compatible with most servers, however, should you decide to go for older versions then you have to ensure that that you check out the site of the manufacturer for more details. The RAM should also be compatible with the motherboard you have selected. Look out for slots available as these will direct you on the ideal RAM.


Networking is obviously a big part of your needs and you must to have a fast, reliable connection for this. Most of the new motherboards that are available now come with a standard Gigabit Ethernet. Be sure to look for such since Gigabit Ethernet provides great connectivity and speed. However, the routers and devices in your network must have the ability to support Gigabit Ethernet.

Building your own server has many advantages. For starters, you can develop your own local network and develop it have great speed.

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