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Fast UK based OpenVZ

Open Virtuozzo simply known as OpenVZ is a Linux based operating system. The system allows the use of a number of servers to operate simultaneously but independently. These servers are referred to as containers. These containers could either be VEs that is Virtual Environments or VPSs which are Virtual Private Networks. OpenVZ enables the server to have better utilization without having conflicts in the applications carried out. The containers can be independently rebooted and can also accommodate users, libraries, root access, files, memory and IP addresses just to mention a few.


 Below are some of the major uses of OpenVZ:

  • Management of multiple servers
  • Dynamic Partitioning
  • Management of resources

A server can be partitioned into various virtual private servers. The VPSs will each function as a standalone server, each with dedicated functions. The system also comes in handy when managing the resources present. This is because you can control the VPS and allocate resources as you see fit and in real time too. The ability to manage a variety of servers in a cohesive manner also cannot be overlooked and OpenVZ comes in handy to provide a management platform for the multiple servers.

Benefits of OpenVZ

Below are some of the benefits of using OpenVZ:

  1. Since hosting service providers have hundreds of clients, they can put these clients on VPSs that share one single server. OpenVZ provides a useful and convenient way to manage multiple servers.
  2. There is also transparency especially when the hosting company wants to move a client in between servers. This process does not call for any kind of reconfiguration.
  3. Each VPS comes with its own applications and features and the users on the server can rest assured that their information is safe and not shared by the multiple users on the OpenVZ. It therefore works just like a dedicated server.
  4. Though the various systems are run on a single Linux package, the user does have the ability to customize their system and install software that is independent and fully dedicated to the VPS.
  5. Traffic is isolated per VPS and this is a useful feature because your server is protected from invasions and snooping. The user can also protect their VPS further by setting up firewalls to limit access to some sites and tools.

OpenVZ can be used for a variety of purposes making it ideal for organizations involved in IT training, software development, web hosting amongst many others. It is also a great administrative system since resources can be assigned and controlled.

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