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Triple Fiber Network Responds to Shutdown

A week ago from today, the FTC shut down California web host Triple Fiber Network (3FN) for hosting illegal content, including child pornography, malware, and the infamous “Cutwail” botnet.

In a press release riddled with broken English and grammatical errors, the company responded to the shutdown.

Triple Fiber blasted the FTC for shutting down all its servers without prior notification and went on to declare its innocence, claiming it “never provided any services for illegal businesses intentionally.” It offered to help with the investigation, but added there was no evidence to convict it of wrongdoing.

Our company has always been willing to assist authorities in their investigations. Accusing the provider in illegal actions made by its customers is not the way out and will not solve anything. It causing more damage to law-abiding customers than helps successfully fighting cyber criminals.

The company also stated that the evidence the FTC collected against it, including instant message logs of sales pitches to spammers and hackers, “can not be the evidence of [3FN] complicity.”

Triple Fiber Network said millions of dollars have been lost so far by the shutdown. It claims to be doing everything in its power to recover customer accounts, but has not revealed in what manner it is doing so and what, if any, progress has been made.

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