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Do high renewal fees kill domain resale value?

Domainers have registered more than 200,000 .co domains, many with the intention of reselling the names for profit. It is normally easy to see a domain for at least the registration fee, but will this be the case with .co?

One challenge .co presents to sellers is its high renewal fee. At around £20 a year, the names aren’t cheap to hang onto for long periods of time. The same is true with many other ccTLDs. Some cost upwards of £200 or more to renew!

These high renewal fees provide a major incentive for sellers to sell the name as fast as possible. They also turn away buyers. As a result, many .co registrants are looking to sell their names as fast as possible. This drives down market prices across the board. Before registering a ccTLD for resale, take the renewal fee into consideration.

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