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MySQL Server Optimization

Mysql logoIf you are running a dedicated server, optimization is very important to maximize speed, efficiency, and save time and energy. We have already looked at ways to optimize Apache web server, but many dynamic websites also use databases that hold the data for their dynamic web applications.

You can accomplish basic optimization of database tables from within your web-based control panel or in phpMyAdmin. You should do this routinely. But there are also ways you can optimize the server itself to serve databases faster and more securely. Over the remainder of this week, I will show you a few tips to optimize your MySQL server. Today, I will just point you to the right file.

To begin configuring your MySQL server, you will need to locate the configuration file. This will differ, depending on your operating system and even from one Linux distribution to another. Most commonly, it will be in a directory like /etc/mysql, and the file will be called my.cnf. You will need to edit it as root:

# nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Tomorrow, we will start to plow through this file for optimization tweaks.

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