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Red Hat Introduces Hybrid Cloud Platform

Red Hat logoThe largest and most successful commercial Linux distributor has announced the release of the first Linux hybrid cloud platform that integrates with many industry cloud services. Until now, the only other hybrid cloud platform was Azure by Microsoft. The comprehensive package, which they are calling Red Hat Cloud Foundations, gives customers the ability to run applications in both public and private clouds.

Red Hat made the announcement this week in Boston at the Red Hat Summit, where they also announced new additions to the Red Hat Certified Cloud Partner Program, namely IBM, NTT Communications, and Savvis. Amazon Web Services was the first partner to join previously.

Red Hat was one of the first commercial Linux distributions that had a large following of desktop users. They gradually moved their business model to servers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and have since made the natural expansion into virtualization and cloud computing. Many of the servers that power websites and web hosting providers around the world use their software.

Source: ComputerWorld

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