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Windows Command Line Tools

Windows server logoWith a remote dedicated server, sometimes being able to access it from the command line can be your greatest asset. Like Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, Windows servers also have command line programs that can make managing your server from afar a lot easier.

Attrib – Allows you to display and modify file attributes
Chkdsk – Checks the disk and lists any errors found
Comp – Compare the contents of two files or groups of files
FTP – File Transfer Protocol – similar to Unix command-line FTP
Hostname – Shows the local system’s name
Ipconfig – Shows the current network configuration settings
Net Pause – Pauses a running service
Net Continue – Resumes a paused service
Rd/Rmdir – Removes a directory
Ren – Renames the specified file

These are just a few of the useful command line options. For a more extensive list, see techotopia

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