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Abusive X-Box domains transferred to Microsoft


Microsoft has managed to win back a full 18 domain names it managed to prove were abusive. All the domain names were centred around Microsoft’s Xbox 360 product. The company requested the transferral of the domain names to its own management from the National Arbitration Forum, which ruled in its favour. The domain names were:

wirelessxbox.com, xbox2accessory.com, xbox-360-accessories.com, xbox360-accessories.com, xbox-360-accessory.com, xbox360-accessory.com, xbox360gamerentals.com, xbox360gamesreviews.com, xboxwirelessheadset.com, x-box-accessories.com, xboxaccessories.net, xboxaccessory.com, xboxadapters.com, xboxmemory.com, xboxwirelessadapters.com, xboxwirelesscontrollers.com, xboxwirelessheadsets.com e xbox360wirelesscontrollers.com.

The forum ruled that the domain names contravened the Xbox trademark and were registered in bad faith – not to mention that they were also platforms to advertise and sell competitor products via pay-per-click advertising. Microsoft is now the owner of these domains so one battle down, many more to go…

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