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Vancouver TRAFFIC domain name auction picks

TRAFFIC Vancouver 2010

As the 2010 TRAFFIC Vancouver conference kicks off, it looks like there will be some good pickings for those looking for some good domain names at auction. We picked snowboards.ca and loseweight.ca as a couple of the Canadian domain names that could go for good money, while Elliotsblog favourites are:

* VisitJerusalem.com
* XYZ.com
* Snowboarders.com
* SenseOfHumor.com
* iRefills.com
* Houses.ca
* Helpers.com (I previously owned this one)
* GolfCourses.ca
* Disabled.com
* Dietician.com
* Candy.ca
* Principals.com
* Quilting.com
* Matchmakers.ca

The full TRAFFIC Vancouver auction catalogue is here, complete with reserve pricing and other details.

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