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Linux Server Command Line FTP

FTP iconFor desktop computers, graphical FTP clients allow users to connect to their websites and upload files. Essentially, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most common method of publishing your web content to your website. Although many users rely heavily on dynamic websites, such as blogs, to update their sites from the web, they still might use FTP to upload static content.

When logged into to a remote server, you still have the option of using FTP to connect to other servers, such as your backup storage device, although you will not have the benefit of a graphical interface. Here are a few basic commands for text-based FTP.

ftp – Starts the FTP program.
open – Connects to a remote server. You can use it in combination with an address (i.e. open ftp.mysite.net)
ls – Lists the files in a directory
cd – changes to the specified directory
get – downloads the specified remote file (i.e. get filename)
lcd – changes the current local directory (i.e. lcd /home/user)
send – uploads specified file (i.e. send whois-list)
quit – exits and returns the prompt to the local server

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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