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New gTLD guidebook from ICANN: more protection for your brand

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Proposed changes to ICANN‘s Draft Applicant Guidebook for new gTLDs will be discussed at the ICANN meeting in Brussels on June 21st. The fourth version of the guidebook includes changes for brand owners and trademark holders, designed to give greater protection.

ICANN is expecting about 500 applications for new gTLDs (although some could be duplicate applications) and new measures such as a Uniform Rapid Suspension System, a Trademark Clearinghouse and the Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Proposal are being discussed to include the views of trademark holders in new gTLD applications.

Consultancy group Minds+Machines, who assist in new gTLD applications says:

“This means that they’re [ICANN] intending to pass approximately 90% of the applications in other words, ICANN’s intent is not to fail applications by finding trivial faults, but rather to simply make sure that they’re operationally and financially sound.”

You can find more details about the proposed changes to gTLD applications at DomainNews.com.

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