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No nation names in TLDs: further amendments to gTLD application guidebook

ICANN Brussels meet The actual names of countries will not be permitted as TLDs in more admendments to ICANN’s gTLD application guidebook. Names such as .mexico or .germany will not be allowed, especially given the interest registered in these kinds of domains by some countries.

The move prevents countries investing directly in domain names and comes after many African nations in particular, seemed interested in registering these kinds of TLDs. Background checks on nations wanting to invest in domains will be conducted, and the checks will aim to prevent any registration of domains by parties involved in the following:

– Corruption
– Terrorism
– Organised crime
– Money laundering
– Fraudulent bankruptcy
– Arms trafficking and war crimes
– Intellectual property violations

The same goes for gTLDs with continent names, with even more stringent application procedures. ICANN states:

In the case of an application for a string which represents a continent or UN region, documentation of support will be required from at least 60% of the respective national governments in the region, and there may be no more than one written objection to the application from relevant governments in the region and/or public authorities associated with the continent or the UN region.

Go to the ICANN site for more details on the gTLD application guidebook V4.

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