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Domain name screw-ups: big companies who forget about their domain names

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Managing your company’s domain name can’t be an easy thing. What with remembering to register multiple domain names for your various products or services, to remembering the most basic of things – renewal of your domain name – there are many pitfalls beyond just organising the content of your site. After big names in the past such as Emirates, GMTV and toy shop Hamleys forgot to renew their domain names, the other favourite domain name blunder seems to be not registering enough names, or not registering them properly.

As Eliotsblog points out, Diageo’s Captain Morgan brand is smart enough to have registered the domain name spicedrum.com, being the most important product in their line-up. The company, however, has ignored its main website of Captain Morgan so that if you go to spicedrum.com you’re redirected to CaptainYourHalloween.com. And there you get stuck on a parked page that’s been that way for over a year.

Another in the liquor brand domain name faux pas is the Wodka company’s registering of welovewodka.com but not welovevodka.com. Meaning their billboard spending when you’re driving past on the highway could finish in you visiting someone else’s website and therefore buying someone else’s product. It’s the attention to domain name detail that counts…

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