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How to Insert HTML5 Video

Big Buck Bunny movie in html5 video
We have been covering the developments of HTML5 in the Web world, but we have not yet explored exactly how to get HTML5 video onto a website. The good news is that embedding HTML5 video is painfully easy. It only requires one basic tag: <video> . To make something a little fancier, website creators can add additional attributes.

HTML5 video will take the following format on your website:

<video src="crazycat.ogg" controls="controls">
We're sorry, your browser does not have HTML5 video support. Please download the video

There are a number of additional options:

autoplay – The video will start playing automatically

controls – Displays player controls

height – specifies height of video

width – specifies width

Once you have the video the way you want it, paste the code into your website, and it will work in any browsers that support HTML5 video. Since some do not, you should provide an alternate method of viewing the video as well.

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