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5 Reasons NOT to Rely on Web-based Email

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Although the corporate move to cloud computing has been measured and cautious, many average computer users have made the move without even realizing it. Users of Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and other web-based email, have all entrusted their communications with cloud services.

Generally speaking, this is not a bad thing and provides the users with a lot of flexibility, but there are at least 5 reasons to think twice about using cloud email with your own website.

1. A commercial company will have the only copies of your data.

2. Archiving may be a pain if you ever decide to shut down the email accounts but keep the messages.

3. When you cannot connect to the Internet, you cannot see those emails.

4. You are at the mercy of the email company, which can change their software or even shut down completely.

5. You cannot control mail server configuration, except what your service provider allows.

Some cloud services offer a happy medium by providing users with web-based email and pop/imap service. That way, your data is still ultimately yours.

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