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Software That Requires Perl Modules

Perl camel logoWhen you install perl applications on a server, they will invariably require you to install additional modules for support. This is part of the unfortunate reality of running perl applications. Typically, the required module names will be displayed like this, Date::Format or File::Tail.

If you have ever tried to find the modules in your YUM or APT repositories, you probably had difficulty. That is because the naming scheme is different in Linux package management. For example, in most APT repositories, Date::Format is found in the package, libtimedate-perl, which also includes Date::Parse and some others. When you search for packages, just search for the keywords “date” and “format”, leaving off the “::”.

If you are sure the modules are not found in your package repository, you will have to install them manually. CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) is a program that takes some of the pain out of installing perl modules, but it is still not a particularly enjoyable adventure. For more information about installing modules with CPAN, see this tutorial.

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