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3 reasons you should not start a web host

web hosting termsThese days, it seems like everyone has a friend of cousin in the web hosting business. Most of these people entering the industry thinking, “I’ll just get a reseller account or VPS, rely on friends to and family to refer clients, and make thousands of dollars without doing any work.” In truth, there are much better ways to earn a living. Here are 3 reasons why you should not start a web host:

1. People need help all the time
Customers don’t take care of themselves. Expect to be on your hands and knees catering to their every whim. Urgent support tickets never come at convenient times. Someone might be polite on a good day.

2. Something will go wrong that you won’t know how to fix.
Too many people get into the web hosting business without the adequate IT skills. Routine tasks like server hardening, installing Apache, and setting up cron jobs in Linux shouldn’t be an issue. But for many new host owners, it is.

3. Your host will be no different from all the others.
There are tens of thousands of small web hosts. They all use the same ugly web templates and flash intros. Chances are good your features and prices won’t be much different, either. Better hope you can afford a multi-million dollar marketing firm to make your company stand out.

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