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MySQL Enterprise Released

Oracle logoMonday, the database giant, Oracle, announced the release of MySQL Enterprise. In addition to the standard, freely available database software, this new packaged version of MySQL will include comprehensive support and monitoring tools. The primary tool available with this release is MySQL Monitor 2.2, which monitors performance and security. Other important tools include the Query Analyzer and MySQL Connector Plugins.

“DBAs and developers need solutions that help them manage their MySQL servers efficiently and allow them to identify performance issues before they become expensive, time-consuming problems,” said Tomas Ulin, director, MySQL Development, Oracle.

MySQL is one of the most widely-used database servers on the Web, and most web hosting providers offer it. While the underlying code for the database software is free and open source, there is also a commercially licensed version. MySQL was owned by Sun Microsystems until Oracle recently bought Sun and all of its software products.

Source: MarketWatch

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