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Please stop building these websites

laptopWeb comic guru The Oatmeal has published a hilarious piece entitled, “8 Websites You Need to Stop Building.” The list parodies all the hype behind social networking sites, Digg alternatives, and the like. My favorite inclusions:

5. Social media websites
Too many people claim to be “social media experts” and it’s amazing how many companies are recruiting employees with “social media experience.” Sorry guys, I really don’t want to become a fan of my orthodontist on Facebook and half the crap on Digg is self-promoted content no one ever reads. Just focus on creating useful content marketed appropriately and you will get the visitors you deserve.

8. Websites with Flash Intros
Soon to be replaced by some other standard I’m sure.

2. Websites whose sole is to share things
I’m especially annoyed by sites that think I want to email every page to a friend.

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