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Test Your Website in Multiple Browsers

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The most difficult task in creating a new website is having to test it in all of the various browsers that your site’s visitors might use. The days of Netscape versus Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) are over, and the days of MSIE reigning supreme are just about gone as well. Web developers must contend with no less than five major browsers, and there are numerous smaller ones, including those on mobile devices.

At one time the only option was to download and install every browser, but since that is not even an option with multiple platforms, you would be forced to use virtual machines to test the plethora of operating systems. There is a relatively reasonable solution, however, called Browsershots.

Browsershots is a website that allows you to select the specific browsers and operating systems you want to test. Simply enter your site’s URL, check off the browsers to test, and click the submit button. It will take some time, depending on how many browsers you choose, but the site will queue your test and slowly churn out screenshots of your site on each platform/browser. You can then download the complete set of shots in a convenient zip file. Browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome, Iceweasel, Opera, Flock, MSIE, Safari, Konqueror, and many others.

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