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Kaltura open source video streaming

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One of the challenges of offering video streaming to your website viewers is finding a platform that is extendable, easy-to-use, and that will not get you into legal trouble. Kaltura is an open source video streaming platform that provides streaming, syndication, and management of online videos.

It offers playlist, editing, annotations, subtitles, HD quality, and social media sharing capabilities. In addition, the backend allows system administrators to analyze video content, moderate, bulk upload, set permissions, generate statistical reports, and customize players and playlists.

Because the code is open source, running Kaltura on your own server means you have complete control over the interface and content. This is something sorely missing from many other video software platforms. Kaltura even offers paid hosted solutions for those who do not have servers that can run it. The free version is called Kaltura Community Edition and is available for free download under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.

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