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Google pioneers water recycling in the data center

Data centers use a lot of water for cooling. A lot. According to one estimate, a 15-megawatt facility uses some 360,000 gallons of water per day! That’s why Google has been pioneering water recycling.

Joe Kava of Google stated:

You need a holistic approach to water management. Water consumption isn’t a side thought; it’s part of our larger environmental management policy. In the future this will be at the forefront of data center operations.

So far Google has installed water treatment systems in two of its data centers, allowing them to recycle water and reduce the facility’s impact on the local water supply. The Mountain View company currently taps a number of sources for this water: canals, sewage, and even rainwater. The above video shows a Google water treatment plant in Belgium.

Way to go, Google!

Source | Data Center Knowledge

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