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Mobile versions of website

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Question: Should I have a complete mobile version of my website?

Answer: It is certainly an inconvenience to create a whole new version of your site, but the facts show that more people are accessing website from their mobile devices. For some people, this may even be their only method of regularly getting on the Web.

If your website is specifically geared for desktop users, then maybe making a mobile site is not so important or even not possible. But if your site provides information or a service, it is crucial to make sure people who access it from mobile devices will be able to use it.

There are a few Web companies that will create a mobile version of your site, and there are also plenty of tutorials that teach you how to streamline the conversion process. Moreover, W3C even has a mobileOK service that checks your website to see how mobile-friendly it is. Unfortunately, there is really no mobile standard. Screen sizes differ, as well as operating systems and browsers. Since you cannot test all mobile phones, try to create a site that is mostly text and is of variable size. Your visitors/customers will thank you.

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