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What is a good control panel for a game server host?

If you use your dedicated server for gaming or plan on joining the game server hosting business, you’re probably wondering what control panel you should use. A number of options exist, but here’s a brief overview of the most popular choices:

TCAdmin– Although one of the most expensive control panels, TCAdmin is very stable, uses the least resources, and is fairly user-friendly. However, it is limited to Windows only.

GameCP– While significantly cheaper, GameCP users often complain about bugs and slow updates. Works on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows.

cPGS– This cPanel add-on is great if you already have a server with the control panel installed, but few games are supported. Choose this solution only if you play older titles like Medal of Honor or Counter-Strike.

Of course, there are many more panels out there. But because of the small size of the game server market, few firms seem willing invest in a solid game server control panel.

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