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GoDaddy sells expired domain for $15,671

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Exactly one week after covering Go Daddy’s sham backorder service, here’s a prime example of the company in action. After a customer failed to renew the domain PondPumps.com, the registrar sold it at auction for $15,671 USD. Talk about a great deal for Go Daddy.

While I’m all for a free market economy, something just doesn’t seem right here. Registrars should not have first-grabs at expired domains. Companies like Go Daddy are using their position to capitalize on customers and exploit the domain industry.

In other news, the domains H3.com and 9s.com sold for $12,752 USD and $10,599 USD respectively. Both look like great buys, especially H3.com because of the popularity of the Hummer H3.

Source | The Domains
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