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The forgotten tale of IPv5

With everyone talking about the pressing need to switch from IPv4 to IPv6, few people ask what should be an obvious question: what about IPv5? Thankfully, Raffi Krikorian over at O’Reilly’s OnLamp.com has the answer.

The story of IPv5 dates all the way back to 1979, when a group of engineers created the Internet Stream Protocal (ST). It was created to transmit video, audio, and simulations over the Internet. IPv5 gained some following at places like IBM, Apple, and Sun, but never really saw the light of day. Regardless of its popularity, the protocol was given the designation IPv5 and as a result, the next generation Internet protocol couldn’t take the name and is thus called IPv6.

So now you know. The next time someone brings up IPv6, you can talk about its predecessor and explain why IPv6 is IPv6.

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