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How to handle known spammers

Cans of SPAM
When you are faced with relentless spamming, it is a good idea to use tools that go beyond simple filtering. One way to stop SPAM is to develop some type of proxy that stops known spammers before the messages reach the mail server. Another is to rely on DNS black lists that are periodically updated.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to contribute tot he fight against SPAM by reporting known spammers. The first place to report to is the spammers web hosting provider. The provider is most likely unaware of the spammer’s actions and will suspend their accounts once you tell them.

The second method to try is to contact their Internet service provider. Just as it is a violation of the terms of service for most web hosts, most ISPs will not tolerate SPAM either. Finally, you can contribute to global blacklists by reporting the spammer to SPAM prevention websites. This will ensure that offenders cannot get away with SPAM even if their providers allow it.

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