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What people should know about Windows servers

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Aside from writing, I also develop websites for clients on a freelance basis. In the ideal scenario, I get contacted by an interested client who has neither a domain name nor a current web hosting company. I can then steer that client to the host and domain provider I think is best and will work well with Joomla or whatever content management system I use.

Unfortunately, many clients come with their own baggage. More often than not, it includes a domain hosted by a company like GoDaddy and possibly a current website that is less than stellar. The worst situation that I ever encountered was a client who had chosen to use GoDaddy’s hosting service with a Windows server. Anyone who has tried to use PHP content management systems with Windows is probably already cringing at the thought.

Aside from the usual problems with GoDaddy’s control panel, I had to content with Windows and its strange compatibility issues with PHP. Theoretically, it should work fine with Joomla, but that requires proper configuration, something GoDaddy failed to do. Mind you, the Joomla installation was automatic from their own control panel, but it still never worked quite right. In the end, the client settled for a less-than-perfect site. My advice to anyone who wants a website: ask those who know first before you make purchases.

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