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Viewing hardware information in Linux

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Question: How do I view hardware information about my Linux server?

Answer: If you are running your own dedicated server, you will be swamped with operating system and software management, network security, and a host of other responsibilities, but you should not neglect the server hardware itself. There are a few common ways that Linux system administrators check their hardware:

1. /proc – This is an entire directory filled with system information. For example, to view information about the server’s CPUs, type from the command line:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

For RAM information type:

# cat /proc/meminfo

3. System logs – Many of the hardware events will be recorded by the kernel logs. To view hardware information, simply type:

# dmesg

4. lspci – When you need information about internal expansion cards, just type:

# lspci

5. lshw – Finally, for the motherload of all general hardware information, type:

# lshw

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