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What is overselling?

over selling
If you’ve ever been bumped off a flight because of overbooking or waited in long lines at amusement parks, you’re probably familiar with the concept of overselling. But did you know that just like most other service providers, web hosts are often guilty of overcrowding, too?

Shared hosts oversell their servers all the time. In an effort to keep prices low and boost profits, they will often cram thousands of customers on a single server! This is fine so long as no single site demands too many resources, but just like not everyone can board a flight if it’s overbooked, too many customers on a server could slow down your site or even bring it to a halt!

How do you make sure your host isn’t over-selling? While nearly all web hosts overcrowd to some extent, some are more notorious for abusing the practice more than others. One notable culprit is DreamHost, which ran into massive slow-down and stability issues several years ago after it signed up too many customers.

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