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IBM chooses Red Hat for its cloud virtualization

IBM bladecenter server
When it comes to virtualization, there are a few platform arenas to consider: 1. the server, 2. the virtual desktop, and 3. the cloud. It appeared for some time that IBM was satisfied relying on VMware for its virtualization needs, but they have recently announced that they will use Red Hat’s technology for their cloud for developers virtualization.

The business world is already filling up with cloud computing offerings for productivity (email, calendar systems, etc – think Google), and advanced remote storage (think Amazon), but IBM is tapping into an apparent opening for cloud-based software development. Developers will be able to develop and test applications in the cloud.

Red Hat, famous for its early hugely popular Redhat Linux, continues to make strides in the enterprise market with its Redhat Enterprise Linux and now with its virtualization technology. IBM does not anticipate an overnight success but intends to build a substantial increase over time. Although cloud computing enters the news frequently, it still only counts for a fraction of all web hosting with many businesses still preferring locally hosted solutions.

Source: ServerWatch

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