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The nsupdate for dynamic DNS

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Computer users with dynamic IP addresses often have to contend with the reality that their internet identity can literally change without warning. For average Internet use, this is not a problem, but if you ever need to host something from home (even a private server that only gives you password access), you will need some support for dynamic DNS.

Dynamic DNS notifies the user’s domain that the IP address has been changed and needs to be updated. When someone remotely connects to the domain, they will get the right computer, even if the IP address changes regularly. The Linux command called nsupdate is a utility that allows the user to update a DNS zone without having to manually edit the zone file.

“nsupdate is a fantastic little utility that enable quick and secure DNS zone updates. Setup is quick and painless, and use is fairly intuitive for anyone remotely familiar with DNS, and skilled enough to admin their own Linux system.”

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