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cPanel shell scripts for Linux

cPanel is best known as a graphical web hosting control panel. Since it is web based, however, there may be times when a system administrator may prefer or may need to execute commands from the Linux shell, either locally or remotely via SSH. Fortunately, cPanel comes with a host of scripts found in the /scripts directory. Here are just some of the scripts offered:

easyapache – upgrades and reinstalls Apache
addpop – adds a POP mail account
wwwacct – adds a cPanel account
suspendacct – suspends an account
runweblogs – updates statistics for a user
makecpphp – reinstalls cPanel’s internal PHP
cpbackup – backs up all accounts

Other scripts are documented on the cPanel website as well as more specific documentation about updating services. As a warning, cPanel recommends against using any other scripts not listed on their website, although your web hosting provider might install some. If you find a suspicious script, contact your web host.

Source: cPanel Documentation
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