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Anonymous web hosting

man wearing sunglassesIs there such a thing as anonymous web hosting? For those looking to host website content that is controversial or possibly illegal in their respective jurisdictions, many “anonymous web hosts” have popped up. Often located in far-flung reaches of the world, these companies promise to keep your identity secret– for a price. Are they worth the extra money?

Assuming you’re hosting something controversial but legal, no. Any reputable host will keep your contact information safe from prying eyes. What you want to look for is an established, reputable company that complies with freedom of speech and expression laws. Such a host should only reveal your private information by court order.

If you trust your money with a fly-by-night operation overseas, good luck. Such a company is not as legally obligated to keep your identity secure and may be more vulnerable to hackers. Finally, such a firm is much more likely to close its doors without notice, taking your site with it.

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