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Intellectual Property and copyright

Travelocity victorious in domain dispute

Universally-recognized travel site Travelocity.com won a dispute this week filed with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain tavelocity.com. The company famous for its gnone claimed the name was confusingly similar to its own brand and won the case. In the domain industry, registering a name like tavelocity.com is known …

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Apple misses out on iPad domains

Despite working for years to design its iPad tablet, Apple failed to register any domains related to the new product. It doesn’t own iPad.net, iPad.eu, iPad.de, or even iPad.com. What was the Cupertino company, which has filed trademark-related disputes over numerous domains in the past, thinking? Without owning at least …

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HP wins domain dispute

Hewlett-Packard recently won a dispute filed with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain hpserver.com. HP, a company well known for its IT equipment, argued that the domain violated some of its many trademarks. In addition, the company claimed the registrant was using the name in bad faith, advertising competitors …

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Lacoste wins lacostebuy.com

Clothing retailer Lacoste won the domain lacostebuy.com in a recent dispute it filed with the WIPO. The name was used by a Chinese citizen, Liu Dong Ping, to sell counterfeit merchandise. For this reason and because of trademark infringement, Lacoste requested that it be given ownership of the name. In …

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