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Intellectual Property and copyright

Baylor takes down cybersquatter

When company Transure Enterprise registered baylorcme.com and fansofbaylor.com and offered them to Baylor University for $500, the last thing it probably expected was to end up in an arbitration dispute. Because the Waco, Texas, university has a trademark for “Baylor University,” it took the cybersquatter to the National Arbitration Forum. …

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Licensing Your Website

From the title of this blog, one might imagine having to stand in line at some type of bureau for websites to get the proper licensing needed, but it is actually not that complicated. In the most simplistic scenario, you are the owner of your website and thus own the …

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Chanel sweeps up five domains in dispute

French fashion house Chanel has won a dispute filed with the WIPO covering five domains: chanelbagsale.com, chanelbageshop.com, chanelhandbags.org, chanel-sale.com, and chanelsale.net. Naturally, the company contended that the names violated its trademark and were being used in bad faith. The registrant failed to respond to these allegations. Personally, I don’t even …

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Louis Vuitton loses case over lvmobile.com

French fashion house Louis Vuitton recently filed a complaint to get its hands on lvmobile.com, only to lose in the arbitration hearing this week. The company claimed the domain violated its trademarks for “Louis Vuitton,” “Vuitton,” and “LV.” Fortunately, the arbitrator decided that the letters “lv” could not be confused …

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