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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and copyright

Microsoft wins xboxonline.com domain

After filing a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum, Microsoft has won control of the domain xboxonline.com. The Redmond company claimed the owner registered the name in bad faith and that its use violated Microsoft’s trademark on “XBox.” It’s no surprise that the NAF agreed with Microsoft. The company further …

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Yahoo obtains Flicker.com domain

Yahoo’s Flickr.com is the most popular photo sharing site online, but for years the site has been missing out on traffic from users who misspelled the name as “Flicker.com.” According to changes in the name’s WHOIS records, Yahoo now has control over it. According to technology news site Softpedia, acquiring …

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Should you file a copyright for your website?

If you design a website or write content for for it, you are entitled to all the benefits of the intellectual property. Although the vast majority of webmasters never become involved in copyright disputes, sometimes website owners ask if they should file a copyright for their work. In short, no. …

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Academy Awards takes aim at Go Daddy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, better known as the Academy Awards, gave Go Daddy something far different from an Oscar this week: a 134-page lawsuit for cybersquatting. Here’s the catch: the lawsuit doesn’t accuse Go Daddy of cybersquatting. Rather, it is seeking millions in damages because the …

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Apple, Gucci win domain disputes

Apple won an important victory with the WIPO this week after it was given control of the name itunes.com.mx. I’m sure Cupertino lost quite a bit Mexican traffic to this domain and owning it will help it protect the Apple brand. The company is also the first multinational corporation to …

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Using Copyrighted Material

Previously, I explained some of the areas of concern regarding the copyright of one’s own website, but there is another important facet of copyright that you should consider. Excluding social media sites, the expectation for a website is that the content belongs to the website owner. While there are certain …

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