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ICANN votes to accept .xxx gTLD application

Yesterday we reported that ICANN is on the verge of accepting the .xxx gTLD. The California organization voted today to approve .xxx, an application for its approval, that is. The .xxx gTLD ICM Registry is fighting so hard for still has some hoops to jump through before it can go …

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ICANN to approve .XXX tomorrow

According to domain blogger Kieren McCarthy, ICANN announced today that it will officially approve the .xxx domain tomorrow. This is light of recommendations by an independent panel that the organization approve the name, which it had rejected three times previously. This decision will no doubt make ICM Registry very happy, …

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How long does it take to find the right domain?

If you are looking for that one domain, you may be wondering how long the search takes. Whether you are buying a name for a business or a personal website, obtaining a quality domain is very important. Sure, finding exactly what you want takes time, but how much time? Finding …

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Microsoft wins xboxonline.com domain

After filing a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum, Microsoft has won control of the domain xboxonline.com. The Redmond company claimed the owner registered the name in bad faith and that its use violated Microsoft’s trademark on “XBox.” It’s no surprise that the NAF agreed with Microsoft. The company further …

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.Org and .EU now configured with DNNSEC

The Public Interest Registry and EURid, operators of the .org and .eu domain names respectively, announced the deployment of DNNSEC on the two gTLDs this week at the 38th ICANN meeting. The domains are the largest yet to adopt the new standard, which will bring greater security to Internet users. …

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ICANN publishes report on seedy registrars


ICANN, which seems to be cracking down on rule-breaking registrars lately, has published a new report criticizing a number of well-known registrars for unwholesome practices. Some of the firms mentioned in the document include UK2, Tucows, France Telecom, Enom and AOL. Among other things, ICANN lashed out against several of …

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ICANN puts a bullet in three defunct domain registrars

ICANN has terminated three registrars for failure to pay accreditation fees. The registrars— Abansys & Hostytec, S.L, NameHouse, Inc., and Gee Whiz Domains, Inc. — have been in arrears with ICANN for some time. Each owes between $7,000 to $13,500 to the organization. According to ICANN records, none of the …

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